It’s funny how when I least expect it, God has something for me to do. I was sitting on my couch yesterday after getting home from teaching summer school and then deciding to pull weeds in the blazing hot sun – not sure what I was thinking…when I get a text from Jill:
I didn’t even have to click on the link, I just knew (sort of) that this was a big thing coming at me. Because I was a little winded and light-headed from the heat, it didn’t dawn on me that Jill had actually started the blog that we had been talking about since before last summer. I read her post and almost cried. I was really proud of her for stepping out and trusting in God. So I had to comment because when it comes to Jill, I always feel this sense of “she needs to here ‘this…’ “- and I know it’s not me talking – it’s God using me to let her know she is on the right track. So I posted a comment and sent her a text “So that’s what you have been doing! Moderate my comment;)”
And then, my sinful nature kicked in – darn…I thought, I really wanted to do that with her. But, she stepped out on her own, and I honestly have not been working at it as hard as she has. So I will support her and pray for her and follow her blog.
But God had other plans because she texted back “…I just did it. I think you need to be the other author of it!”
Heart in overdrive – seriously beating out of my chest. And as I texted Jill back, my six-year-old son starts singing a song he had learned at school that ends with him shouting “To JESUS! To JESUS! To JESUS!”
And that really is how God works in my life. These little moments that suddenly are full of meaning because my son shouting “To JESUS” kept my mind on God instead of on what I might get out of joining this venture with Jill. It’s a constant reminder – everything must be according to His will, and so as I begin this journey with my awesome friend, I can’t help but think “To JESUS!!!


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