Small victory!

I’m still a little sweaty as I write but I am so excited… I just finished my first run in under a 10 minute pace! In fact, my first mile was 9:32! For many that is probably slow, but for me, the girl that 2 years ago hated running, this is a small victory. Sometimes I was super committed and was out running almost daily and other times weeks went by without a single step. Isn’t that the way a lot of things in life go? We get all amped up and go full force into something new and then it gets hard or life gets in the way or we get a cold and all motivation just goes out the window. And then it harder than ever to pick it back up again. And I don’t just mean when it comes to physical health. What about our spiritual, mental, emotional health? When was the last time you read your Bible? Worshipped Jesus? Prayed? Relaxed without a piece of technology in sight? Or spent time connecting face-to-face with those you love? I’ll admit that I don’t do these things as often as my soul craves them. I make excuses instead of making habits even though deep down I know that doing all of these things will make me feel better, filled with joy and the Spirit. And that is what I really strive for. Not breaking a 10-minute pace, but feeling well, whole, loved by the God that created me and knowing I am doing everything possible to love him back. So while today was a small victory in my physical disciplines, its time to find bigger victories in Christ.

What habits are you making today?


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