DIY Instagram Wall

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I still have a looooong list of things I want to do especially around the house. I’ve cleaned, de-cluttered, painted one bathroom (I’ll save that for another post), re-arranged my main photo gallery and finally made my Instagram wall display. I still need to clean the couches, paint the other bathroom, hang the cabinets in the first bathroom, and take a trip to the Goodwill. But I am so excited about how my IG display turned out! And friends, it is SOOOO easy! And cheap!



  • Reclaimed wood 18 inches in length (this is my old fence so it was free)
  • Thumbtacks
  • Binder clips (I used all silver but you could easily spray paint to coordinate with your decor or to add a pop of color)
  • Picture hanging kit
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Scrap paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • IG photos (I printed my through Persnickety Prints. They have great prices on all prints and frequent coupons)

DIY IG wall supplies

Picture hanging kit

I got this kit at Target. It was like $5 and score! It had the exact number of hangers I needed!


Step 1

Install picture hanging brackets on the back of your board in the center.

Picture hanging bracket

Bracket installed

Be careful of your fingers. Those nails are small!

Step 2

Space out the binder clips evenly across the front of the board.

Clips in place

Clips in place

Be sure to take into account the size of your photo and the amount of space you want between the pictures. I also made sure there was some space on either end. I’ll be honest with you that it took everything in me to not go completely OCD and do exact math to place the clips.  But I figured that being pretty close was good enough since the pictures may swing a little bit.


Step 3

Push the thumbtack through the metal loop, securing the binder clip in place.

Clips in place


Step 4

Plan the layout of your wall.

IG wall layout

I knew I wanted a staggered/subway tile layout but wasn’t sure how it would look on the wall. I clipped the pictures in and moved them around until I liked the grouping.


Step 5

Using scrap paper cut to the size of your boards first mark where the hanger is then transfer your layout to the wall.

Wall layout

I don’t usually do this when putting up pictures but I am realizing I have a lot of extra and unnecessary holes in my walls. This also allowed me to properly place the nail and measure out the distances between the boards so it was all evenly placed. I also moved things around just a little bit.


Step 6

Hang your new Instagram gallery!

Completed IG wall

I told you it was easy!

Now I can easily update my pictures with the seasons, add motivating quotes, or put up memory verses.

On to the next thing on my list!