Current Events


listening to HGTV…seriously my favorite channel.

reading through Psalms & Colossians…I’m using Kristen’s devotional for Colossians & I love it! 

drinking hot coffee. Yes I know its the middle of the afternoon & 90 degrees outside.

feeling YUCKY! My sinuses are driving me crazy!

anticipating the Ventura race I’m running tomorrow. A 5k at the beach with friends? Yes please.

dreading the 4AM wake-up to get to said race.

procrastinating taking down my pool. I don’t want summer to end.

working on 2 IEPs, a baby shower gift, and a presentation.

excited about football season & my new Charger’s sweatshirt!

needing a nap, to do laundry, go to the store and get more writing done.

loving PiYO & Shakeology. Haven’t felt this good in such a long time!

praying about career steps & for friends.

preparing my heart for what comes next.

missing my Dad.

girl and dad

Photo: Google Images {On my Thoughts board}

What is going on with you today?

Challenge Update: Today is Day 6 of  Challenge-tember and so far the hardest challenge has been writing daily. It takes more time than I thought {mainly because I’m a perfectionist and new to this}  and because work and my evenings have been so busy. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve spent much needed time with my niece and nephews this week, been productive on work projects, logged a few miles, and been in the Word. And this is supposed to be a challenge, right?


3 thoughts on “Current Events

  1. Hello! Found your blog through Brave Love’s “Blog-tember Challenge!” Praying you have a great race & great race weather! IEPs, you must be a teacher! I’ve got my teaching degree {& have had it for about 5 years}, but hesitate to call myself one when I don’t have a job – it’s been rough getting my foot in the door – or at least in the right door. Glad to find your blog!


    • Hi Bess! Yes I am a special ed teacher! Mod/Severe Autism. I am sorry you have been unable to find a job! Where are you located? Praying God will open doors for you soon. Thank you for the prayers for the race tomorrow! Jill


  2. Really never thought you would need a shakeolgy drink, but I hear you 4 football season! My most memorable moments are when best dinners and football games where served. Idk that we were (at the time) so in to the game but dinner and prayers 4 sure, I love you Jill. ♡♡♡♡


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