Most people don’t know

There are about us, big or small, that we only share with our best friends and would never share with others. Or maybe these things we would never share with anyone. Or maybe you do share with everyone! Regardless, they make up who we are. When God created us He purposefully knit each of us together differently– different colors, different likes and dislikes, different quirks. When He wrote our stories He purposefully planned out every detail. And all of it was done with one thing in mind-mold us to be more like Him.

So what are some of those little secrets, details, differences that make me, me?

Most people don’t know that….

….I have social anxiety. Big crowds make me nervous. I am constantly scanning the room for someone I know and can spend time with. I often don’t go to events unless I know my friends are already there. And if my close friends aren’t going, chances are I’m not either.

….but I want to be more social. I want my circle of friends to expand and find more women to do life with. I like getting out of the house {if the gathering is small}.

….I like being creative but my perfectionism holds me back.

….I love books. Love them. Children’s books especially. Someday I want to write a series. But I’m often to cheap to buy them from an actual store unless they’re on sale or I have a coupon!

….Most days when I come home I won’t turn on anything that can make a sound. No TV. No music. Even my iPad sound is turned off. I enjoy the silence. And after 6 hours with my students, I need silence.

….Pumpkin anything is my favorite, but I’m really not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes.

….big change or chaos is my worst enemy. I’m learning to relax.

….I enjoy my OCD tendencies. My desk is organized and clean. There are a few different to-do lists on my phone. And printed out post-its! My fave!

….my favorite color, verse, season, food, quote, outfit, song all change constantly depending on the season or season of life. So maybe I do like change! 🙂

….not having my nails painted makes me feel naked.

….I love taking pictures. I’m not even close to good but I love being able to look at a picture and instantly remember that little moment and smile.


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6 thoughts on “Most people don’t know

  1. Visiting from Blog-tember. We must have similar personalities because I can totally relate to almost all of these. Actually, I think the only thing we differ on is the quite factor. I come home and turn on music almost instantly 🙂 Happy September! Hope you are enjoying all things pumpkin like I am!


  2. Well but together take on it, i enjoyed reading this list! Hello fellow teacher? I know what you mean about the silence! It’s not until you explained it that i understood that that’s probably why; them kids though


  3. I also love having my nails painted! And I love books but haven’t actually bought one for myself in years. Libraries are good. And I’m also a teacher–ESL, though.


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