Fall bucket list

I’m told that fall has officially started but with highs still in the 90s its a little hard to tell. Thankfully the slight chill in the air lets me know its coming…eventually, if only for a day or two.

While its here I have a small bucket list of my favorite fall things to do…

….visit the pumpkin patch with my nieces and nephews


{Fall 2012}

….bake all things pumpkin


….create some fall banners, wreathes and decorations

{So many ideas, so little time! Here’s some of my faves on Pinterest!}

….purchase a new warm and comfy blanket to snuggle in

….breathe in the crisp air

….run more miles

….enjoy the early sunsets


….host a framily Thanksgiving

….finish Christmas shopping {yes I started this month}

….take my nephew to the fire station

….cheer on the Chargers at a game


….savor hot coffee

…read good books

….celebrate birthdays of loved ones

….go ride dirtbikes {its been waaaay too long!}

Okay maybe I do love Fall more than I really want to admit. It is a beautiful time of year, isn’t it?

What’s on your fall bucket list?


Today’s post brought to you by Brave Love


2 thoughts on “Fall bucket list

  1. Your Pinterest link takes you back to the Brave Love blog. Just thought you might want to know and because I really wanted to check out your Pinterest pins! (I’m a Pinterest addict! hehe!) I love fall and can’t wait to spend some time with my nephew and niece!


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