Quick DIY Spring Wreath

Spring has sprung! Okay it doesn’t officially start until Friday but with temps consistently in the 70’s, it’s been here for a few weeks. I haven’t had a wreath on my door since Christmas and I was getting super tired of driving away from my house each morning thinking how boring my front door looked. I had a failed DIY wreath from last spring that I’ve been trying to figure out how to make work and after finding some pre-made paper flowers at Michaels I knew I had my fix and the makings of a wreath that said “Hello Spring!”

The wreath came together quickly and cost less than $30, less if you use some coupons! And took less than 20 minutes to make! 


  • 18 inch straw wreath
  • 2 spools of 2 inch ribbon
  • 2 packages of paper flowers 
  • Multiple pushpins
  • A pen


  1. Wrap the wreath with the ribbon overlapping the ribbon about one-quarter of an inch. Secure ribbon with two or three pushpins.
  2. Layout flowers along one side of the wreath mixing the patterns and sizes. Secure with pushpins. I used the pen to push the pin {say that 10 times fast!} down into the center of the flower so it wasn’t visible. 
  3. Hold it up to ensure you like the placement. I moved a flower or two and ended up spinning the wreath so the flowers ended up on the left. 
  4. Hang on your door and enjoy! 

Seriously it’s that easy! I like using pushpins instead of hot glue so I can move the flowers easily or change them out later for a different color. I played around with adding a banner then decided against it. But make it yours! When it’s so quick and cheap don’t be afraid to play around. 

Happy Spring! 


3 thoughts on “Quick DIY Spring Wreath

  1. That’s beautiful! Truly reminds me of you and your sister. (Smart and crafty) I have a homemade wreath for the spring too! Excited to hang mine! Thanks for the inspired!


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