About Us

Hi! I’m Jill, a Southern California {desert} chick. I love Jesus–He died for me so I live for Him. My family is my world and I can’t wait for the day when I’m blessed with my own. Ten months out of the year I teach special education to littles with moderate to severe Autism. Its my passion and where I get to be creative. Its one of the craziest, most fun things I get to do and its the driving force behind this blog. Then there’s summer…ahh summer. I try to be crafty and a DIY-er {thank goodness for PINTEREST!}. I bake, love to read, and am learning to love living a health{ier} lifestyle. And all of these things I share with those I love because its the little things that make a big difference.

I’m Valerie – believer, wife, mom, and teacher: that’s me in a nutshell. Seeing people get baptized brings tears to my eyes, my husband’s arms make me feel safe and secure, my sons melt my heart, and my students with Autism remind me that in life there is always another way. I love family, chocolate ice cream with white milk (think cereal), and ice cold Coca-cola. When I am not pondering God’s grand design, you will find me reading – books, blogs, magazines – or browsing through Pinterest (I am addicted!) I am no where near perfect and am grateful that God’s love carries me through all my days. My prayer for this blog is, God willing, I share some little things that make a big difference!


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