Take Action

What’s my goal for 2015? Take Action.
So often I wait for the perfect time, the just right moment, the page to look just so, and the list goes on. I get so caught up in my need to have it be either “right” or accepted that I miss opportunities and I waste valuable time.
My desire is just to start taking action, make decisions, get things done – whether they are how I want them to be or not – just get them done!!
My first action was to get my family reading the Bible together. So tonight, my husband and my son and I all sat for 10 minutes of Bible time. Did it go as I planned? Of course not! My son wanted to read out loud and make a “speech” out of it. My husband found the lights I had turned on too bright so I had to read in semi-dark.
Was it “perfect”? Yes, in it’s own way it was. And I look forward to this particular action taking place night after night.
So what about you? Did you make goals for 2015? Have you taken action on them yet? If not – what are you waiting for?
I pray whatever goals you may have that God’s will be done, and you are on a path that shines light on Him.
Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
English Standard Version of the Bible
retrieved from https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=let+your+light+so+shine+&qs_version=ESV


I love me…I love me not.

Jill sends me a text reminder about the Blogtember Challenge, and I would really rather not do it because it means focusing on myself instead of others.
Write 10 things you love about you…ummmmm……really?
Not sure about anyone else out there, but I struggle with taking care of myself because I am looking out for other people in my life. I know that’s something I love about me- I have a genuine concern about the people I am associated with. Must get better at sharing my thoughts to this end out loud and acting on the thoughts I have to help others.
Let me think, I also love that my students like being in my class. Their faces light up when I walk in after being out for a day. How is that about me? I know that I care about my students and strive to provide them the best education I can while treating them like every other kid. I love that I am the kind of teacher that loves her students and refuses to give up on their abilities.
I love that I am saved. This belongs at the top of my list and the fact that it isn’t is why I love that saved part so much. I am saved through God’s grace alone; I have never done anything to deserve it. I look forward to an eternity of living in the presence of my Lord- makes this life and it’s tragedies bearable.
I love that I am an introvert. I get to see and hear so much more! I am not knocking extroverts; without them, my husband especially, I would live a boring solitary life. Yet, I really like that I take time to consider things and that I don’t mind being alone to do things.
I love that I like to read. Give me a book to get lost in or learn from.
I love that I’m a life long learner. No matter how much I know about something, there is always more to learn. The more I learn the more I have to share with others!
I love that when I know I am right, I won’t give in or give up. I may quiet down, but I will push until I get my point across.
I love that I am learning to delegate and be happy with the results, even though they may be different than I envisioned. Talk about procrastination for perfection and just put my name as the header. I struggle with wanting things just so, and this desire has hindered so many of my worthwhile activities. So many things just sit because I want to get them done right.
I love that I pray now instead of ruminating on life. It took so long for me to learn that I cannot control everything and that I just need to trust in my Heavenly Father and use the gifts He has given me. Again, it’s a gift; I cannot change what I have been given, just my response to it.
Ok, I have to confess that I keep counting how many things I have written about myself. Why? Because I am afraid to go over and sound self-indulgent! So that will be the last thing I love about myself, I have definitely learned to laugh at the error of my ways. I can be pretty ridiculous sometimes, but if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be me.
Thank you for the encouraging text Jill.
And to the rest of you…have you taken time lately to love on yourself? Try it! God has blessed you with so much and it brings Him glory when we acknowledge the works His hands have made!
I love me…I love me not. I Love ME!!!

MUST Read!

Jill told me about the Blog-tember Challenge from BraveLove; and it went in one ear and out the other. But really, I must admit that writing on this blog scares me more than I care to admit. What if people hate what I say? What if I say something that is a poor reflection on people of faith? What if I just don’t make any sense? My list goes on and on but rather than get lost in it like I do in my head; I am going to just jump in. I pray that my words resonate with those that need them; once again – To JESUS!
So Sunday’s challenge was about books. (Hey, just a few days behind!)
What am I reading right now?
1. My Bible – I pray that I get better at reading it every day. There is such a big difference in my ability to handle life when I am reading it daily.

2. Listening for the Voice of God: Growing in Faith Every Day – bought this at the local membership store for $5.48 because it spoke to the question I have had for a long time. How do you know when it’s God? I am always wondering if the nagging sensations or thoughts are my own desires or if they are really that still small voice. I started this before going back to teaching last month and am only to page 9. Mostly because life has dealt a few hiccups and sad times for my family and friends. I struggle with focus when I am sad and even though I truly find peace in God’s love for me; I am better at praying than I am at reading!

3. A Wife After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George. I just bought this Nook book today because I want to strengthen my marriage and know that I am the one who needs to work. God led me to the most amazing man; and I take him for granted. Yes, I struggle with gratitude because I think about all the stuff I am doing to keep my home running, my classroom working, and myself organized (LOL – more on that some other time). Truth is – I really want a marriage where my husband knows without a doubt that he is God’s gift to me and our children and that I long to please him and make him happy – not nag at him or make him crazy.

So that’s it. Those are my books right now. I will keep you updated on how the wife thing is going – that’s my personal challenge – being that wife – the one he can’t live without. 🙂

What about you? What books speak to your heart or mind? and WHY?
Brave Love Blog


It’s funny how when I least expect it, God has something for me to do. I was sitting on my couch yesterday after getting home from teaching summer school and then deciding to pull weeds in the blazing hot sun – not sure what I was thinking…when I get a text from Jill: http://www.littlebigthingsblog.com
I didn’t even have to click on the link, I just knew (sort of) that this was a big thing coming at me. Because I was a little winded and light-headed from the heat, it didn’t dawn on me that Jill had actually started the blog that we had been talking about since before last summer. I read her post and almost cried. I was really proud of her for stepping out and trusting in God. So I had to comment because when it comes to Jill, I always feel this sense of “she needs to here ‘this…’ “- and I know it’s not me talking – it’s God using me to let her know she is on the right track. So I posted a comment and sent her a text “So that’s what you have been doing! Moderate my comment;)”
And then, my sinful nature kicked in – darn…I thought, I really wanted to do that with her. But, she stepped out on her own, and I honestly have not been working at it as hard as she has. So I will support her and pray for her and follow her blog.
But God had other plans because she texted back “…I just did it. I think you need to be the other author of it!”
Heart in overdrive – seriously beating out of my chest. And as I texted Jill back, my six-year-old son starts singing a song he had learned at school that ends with him shouting “To JESUS! To JESUS! To JESUS!”
And that really is how God works in my life. These little moments that suddenly are full of meaning because my son shouting “To JESUS” kept my mind on God instead of on what I might get out of joining this venture with Jill. It’s a constant reminder – everything must be according to His will, and so as I begin this journey with my awesome friend, I can’t help but think “To JESUS!!!