A Kitchen Reno 

The kitchen reno is finally done! Okay, it’s almost done. I have to finish sealing the grout (ran out of sealer with 3 feet left) and touch up the paint. But other than that it’s done and I love it! Like sit on my couch and just smile as I look at it, love it.

One of the reasons I purchased this house was because of the big open kitchen, but after years of hating the white tile and white grout (who ever thought that was a good idea in a kitchen?) plus saving up a bunch, it was time…

Hello 1997: 

Demo day!   Pulling off the tile backsplash destroyed some of the drywall….oops!

Granite install   (Please excuse the dishes on the counter and the mess–I live here!) The granite was the only part of the project we contracted out for. Home Depot had great prices, a coupon, and an amazing warranty.

Next up was the painting…Labor Day weekend lived up to its name.  
  The Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit made this easy (well if you consider 30+ hours of painting easy).
Then came wiring for the under cabinet  lights, new outlets and switches, and the drywall. 
   I primed the walls to cover the grey after the drywall mud dried.
And finally the backsplash. I chose to keep it neutral so I can incorporate and change accent colors whenever I want. 

Hello 2015 .  A trip to Home Goods and Pottry Barn mixed with some family pieces (a jar of my dad’s marbles and my great grandma’s candlesticks) layered with my Halloween decorations completed the month long renovation.

  G surprised me with a new pantry door! We’re still deciding if we want to paint the glass with black chalkboard paint. What do you think? I love the glass but hate that you can still sort of see in.

 These lights might be my favorite part! They’re along the top and bottom cabinets and each section has its own switch.

Awesome, right?! I seriously love it.

Special thanks to my mom who hung out while the granite was installed. And an enormous thank you to G! Without you and your hours of hard work this would not have been possible! 

I loved finally getting to do this project but it was a lot of work.

Three things to consider before you get started:

  1. Prepare to spend more time and money than planned. Extra expenses are bound to pop up and some tasks will take longer than expected.
  2. Schedule no work days. The project may have been done a bit sooner but we purposefully took days off to relax and recover.
  3. Know that one project may lead to others. I call this the “If you give a mouse a cookie” effect. I’m already costing out can lights, curtains, and new doors for the rest of the house.

I’m off to stare at my pretty new space!