Book Club & Bible Study

Studying the Bible can seem daunting and overwhelming and amazing and invigorating. Yet despite becoming a believer at a young age, I still feel like I don’t really know how to do it let alone where to start. I have always used Bible studies or commentaries or sermons to tell me what to think about a particular passage and how to apply it to my life. And while this isn’t wrong, it isn’t completely necessary–the Holy Spirit is in me just as it is in those authors and speakers meaning I have the ability to comprehend what God is saying just like they do.

Thankfully I found this book:


I devoured it in just a few hours and filled it with arrows, underlines, and exclamation marks. I  took notes and am creating a work book/journal outline to go along with Jen’s method. She makes studying God’s Word seem a little less intimidating and a lot more do-able with her 5 P’s:






 The Cliff Notes version: When we are to study God’s Word, we must study with the “big picture” in mind–from the first page to the last the Bible speaks of creation, the fall, redemption, and restoration {Purpose}. And as we read we need to consider the historical context of the passage {Perspective} while allowing the Spirit to work in us {Patience}. To ensure we are fully understanding what is being read and how to apply it, we need to be methodical {Process}. And finally, our study should begin, end, and be intermixed with conversations with the Author {Prayer}.

Still seem impossible?

Don’t forget we are commanded to

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength”  (Mark 12:30, emphasis mine).

Love Jesus with my heart & soul?…check & check.

Love Jesus with my mind?….ummm…not as easy. In order to love Him with my mind and in turn love Him more deeply with my heart, I have to know Him. And the only way to do that, is to study the Word.

As Jen says, “…the Holy Spirit opens the Word to us, but not without some effort on our part” (pg. 23).


So here I go

So the thing is I have put off starting this blog for about 2 years….It is often on my mind and in my heart–I’ve prayed about it and talked to friends. I’ve read tons of articles on how to get started, reach my readers, the best time to post, promoting…. I’ve started, gotten frustrated or scared and stop. I’ve even written a few posts that are hidden in my phone. But I know that God has put this desire in my heart and I am learning to say yes to the things He puts before me. I am choosing to say yes to His voice instead of the ones that keep saying {inside my head} that what I have to say doesn’t matter, that I’m not crafty {I try} or have the most gorgeous home for all to see {but its my home}, that I am going to fail {who hasn’t?}, or that when looking at others I am not spiritual enough, pretty enough, smart enough. But comparison is the thief of joy, right? And it is in obedience to Him through faith, trust, and hope that we find the most joy. So no more putting things off unless they are sins that hinder. No more being scared to say yes because life is about taking risks. And man this can get risky–putting my heart out there–but I can’t just keep thinking about doing things and not doing them. So here I go….